George Washington Facts for Kids

George Washington Facts for Kids
George Washington was the 1st American President from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797. What are some interesting and important facts about his presidency? And what are some cool, fun facts about the man? The Fact Sheet provides some fast and interesting facts about this important American President.

George Washington Facts for Kids
George Washington Fact Sheet provides some fast and interesting facts about this important American President. The dates of his presidency span April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797. Our fun facts and trivia begin with the following info:

Date of Birth: Born on February 22, 1732
Place of Birth : Westmoreland County, Virginia
Wife: Martha Dandridge

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20 George Washington Facts for Kids
The following fact file format provides a fast overview and fun facts about the George Washington Presidency with interesting and important information about some important events and accomplishments of his presidency. George Washington Facts provide a fast overview of this famous American President.

George Washington Facts for kids: Fun Fact Sheet

George Washington Fact 1: His wife, Martha, was called by the pet name of Patsy by her husband and family. The term "First Lady" was not used at this time, and Martha was addressed as "Lady Washington."

George Washington Fact 2: The couple both enjoyed wearing elegant and expensive clothes. He lost his teeth as he grew older. He wore false teeth made of ivory set in silver and these resulted in his speaking with a lisp - he therefore avoided making speeches in public.

George Washington Fact 3: He was 57 years old when he became President on April 30, 1789. His most famous nickname was "Father of our Country". The man he chose to serve as the Vice President was John Adams (1789-97)

George Washington Fact 4: He is always pictured wearing a wig, which was the fashion at the time, and only took it off when he was in an informal situation.

George Washington Fact 5: He was a tall imposing man and stood at 6 feet 1.5 inches. He had a slim build and weighed 175 pounds and was noted for his strength

George Washington Fact 6: He had a serious, somber personality. He liked getting his own way and if he was crossed would exhibit a frightening, loud temper.

George Washington Fact 7: Slaves: His wife owned slaves, did not believe in emancipation and their slaves were not freed until after the deaths of the couple.

George Washington Fact 8: He had admirable leadership skills as were demonstrated by his success during the American War of  Independence during which time he served as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army

George Washington Fact 9: During his successful political career he was a Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, a Member of Continental Congress and the Chairman of the Constitutional Convention

George Washington Fact 10: He fought bravely in wars against the Native American Indians serving as and aide to General Edward Braddock


George Washington Facts for kids

George Washington Facts for Kids
The fact file provides interesting facts and important information about George Washington, the 1st President of the United States.

George Washington Facts for kids
Interesting, fun facts about George Washington for kids are continued below.

George Washington Facts for kids: Fun Fact Sheet

George Washington Fact 11: He served for two terms as President and declined a third term as he wanted to spend his later years in the comfort of his home at Mount Vernon which covered 8000 acres of land

George Washington Fact 12: He was one of the richest men in America and was able to trace his descent to English royalty. The portrait of the president, painted by Gilbert Stuart, has been displayed in the center of the front of the one dollar bill since the 1869.

George Washington Fact 13: Two famous treaties were made during his presidency - the Jay Treaty with the British that eased diplomatic relationships with the British and Pinckney's Treaty which established intentions of friendship between the United States and Spain.

George Washington Fact 14: During his presidency the Bill of Rights added the first ten amendments to the Constitution guaranteeing basic liberties to Americans

George Washington Fact 15: Washington DC became the national capital of the United States on July 16, 1790 and was named in his honor

George Washington Fact 16: He was the only president who was unanimously elected and ran unopposed for both presidential terms.

George Washington Fact 17: He is a Mount Rushmore President: The colossal heads of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are sculpted into Mount Rushmore. They were sculpted by Gutzon Borglum on the face of a granite mountain in the Black Hills National Forest.

George Washington Fact 18: During his presidency the United Stes was established and important milestones included the First Census and the establishment of the Post Office and the Mint.

George Washington Fact 19: He suffered from many illnesses during his life including tuberculosis, malaria, smallpox, dysentery and pneumonia.

George Washington Fact 20: He died of pneumonia on December 14, 1799 and his wife burned all of the letters they had sent to each other. His last words were ""I die hard, but I am not afraid to go. 'Tis well." The next US President was John Adams

George Washington Facts for kids

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