Republican Presidents

Republican Presidents
This article provides details of the Republican Presidents together with interesting facts and dates on their terms in office together with their pictures and age at inauguration. There have been 18 Republican Presidents to date. The list of Republican Presidents begins with Abraham Lincoln who was the first Republican President, elected by the Republican Party in 1860. The last Republican President was George W. Bush.

Republican Presidents History: The First Republicans
The first Republican Party Convention was held in 1856 at Philadelphia. The initial base of the Republican political party was in the Northeast and the upper Midwest. The official platform and ideology of the early Republican Party was reflected in the slogan "free labor, free land, free men".  The phrase "free labor" was a reference to their views that opposed slave labor and their beliefs in independent businessmen. The term "free land" demonstrated their opposition to the plantation system that depended on slaves, at the cost of independent farmers. The phrase "free men" was another reference to their opposition of human enslavement and also to governmental tyranny.

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Republican Presidents: Role of Political Parties
The US Political parties were formed by groups of people who shared the same ideas, views and beliefs about the way the US should be governed. Political parties, such as the Republican Party, work to influence government policies and to introduce new laws to the Constitution and to make amendments to existing laws. For additional facts refer to US Presidents and Political Parties.

Republican Presidents: Early Causes
The early causes of the Republican Presidents and their political party were based on the belief of the rights of individuals rather than an intrusive government. They fought for the causes of Abolition (abolishing slavery) and Women’s suffrage (the right of women to vote). The Republican Party also worked to reduce the size of government and the bureaucracy that surrounded it and to return power to individual states.

Modern Republican Presidents: Republican versus Democratic
The views and beliefs of the later Republican Presidents are based upon American conservatism in contrast to the Democratic Party, whose members endorse more liberal policies. American conservatism is defined as a belief in traditional values with a centralized government protecting its citizens’ lives, liberty and property. Republican Presidents strive to further the belief that individuals, not government, can make the best decisions.
The liberal policies of the Democratic Party adhere to a socially liberal and progressive platform opposing government spending, especially in the form of corporate charters for banks and other financial enterprises.

Republican Presidents: Nickname & Symbols of the Republican Party
The abbreviation "GOP" is applied to the traditional nickname of the Republican Party meaning "Grand Old Party"
or "Gallant Old Party". The color red is associated with the "Grand Old Party" and the traditional mascot of the party is the elephant.

List of Republican Presidents
This helpful list of Republican Presidents is a great resource of interesting facts and important information that can be used as a fast reference guide when completing school or college projects and homework. The list of Republican Presidents are presented in date order according to the order of presidencies. The list of Republican Presidents are as follows:

Republican Presidents: List of Republican Presidents with dates
(Click on a Picture for Short Biographies of the Republican Presidents)



Names of Presidents in order - Dates of Terms in Office in chronological order - Dates took Office - Age  at Inaug. - Dates left Office


Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln - (1861-1865) & (1865) - Mar. 4, 1861 - 52 - April 15, 1865


Ulysses Grant - (1869-1873) & (1873-1877) - Mar. 4, 1869 - 46 - March 4, 1877


Rutherford Hayes

Rutherford Hayes - (1877-1881) - Mar. 4, 1877 - 54 - March 4, 1881


James Garfield

James Garfield - (1881) - Mar. 4, 1881 - 49 - Sept. 19, 1881


Chester Arthur

Chester Arthur - (1881-1885) - Sept. 19, 1881 - 50 - March 4, 1885


Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison - (1889-1893) - Mar. 4, 1889 - 55 - March 4, 1893


William McKinley

William McKinley - (1897-1901) & (1901) - March 4, 1897 - 54 - Sept. 14, 1901


Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt - (1901-1905) & (1905-1909) - Sept. 14, 1901 - 42 - March 4, 1909


William Taft

William Taft - (1909-1913) - Mar. 4, 1909 - 51 - March 4, 1913

List of Republican Presidents
The list of Republican Presidents contain the names of all the Republican Presidents, the numbers of their presidencies, the dates of their terms in office, the dates they assumed office, their age at Inauguration and the dates they left office. The list of Republican Presidents continues as follows:

Republican Presidents: List of Republican Presidents with dates
(Click on a Picture for Short Biographies of the Republican Presidents)



Names of Presidents in order - Dates of Terms in Office in chronological order - Dates took Office - Age  at Inaug. - Dates left Office


Warren Harding

Warren Harding - (1921-1923) - Mar. 4, 1921 - 55 - August 2, 1923


Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge - (1923-1925) & (1925-1929) - August 2, 1923 - 51 - March 4, 1929


Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover - (1929-1933) - Mar. 4, 1929 - 54 - March 4, 1933


Dwight Eisenhower

Dwight Eisenhower - (1953-1957) & (1957-1961) - Jan. 20, 1953 - 62 - January 20, 1961


Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon - (1969-1974) - Jan. 20, 1969 - 56 - August 9, 1974


Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford - (1974-1977) - August 9, 1974 - 61 - January 20, 1977


Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan - (1981-1985) & (1985-1989) - Jan. 20, 1981 - 69 - January 20, 1989


George H Bush

George H Bush - (1989-1993) - Jan. 20, 1989 - 64 - January 20, 1993


George W Bush

George W Bush - (2001-2005) & (2005-2009) - Jan. 20, 2001 - 54 - January 20, 2009

Facts about Republican Presidents
The following fact file contains important facts and information about the Republican Presidents.

Facts about Republican Presidents

Republican Presidents Fact 1: There have been eighteen Republican Presidents. Abraham Lincoln was the first. 

Republican Presidents Fact 2: Republicans have governed the Unites States for a total of 88 years.

Republican Presidents Fact 3: Two Republican Presidents were assassinated during their second terms in office - Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley.

Republican Presidents Fact 4: Two Republican Presidents died in office -  James A. Garfield and Warren G. Harding.

Republican Presidents Fact 5: Richard Nixon escaped impeachment by resigning from office during his second term.

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