Worst Presidents

Worst Presidents - The Most Ineffective US Presidents
This article provides details of the Worst Presidents. There have been numerous polls assessing the presidencies of all the American Presidents. The question we all want answered is "Who were the Worst US Presidents?" We have compiled our list of Worst Presidents based on the events of their presidencies.

Worst Presidents List
Our Worst Presidents list provides facts and information regarding the reasons why these men are considered to be the most ineffective of the United States of America. Our Worst President list is supplemented by facts and information regarding their presidencies and the reasons for their positions in our Worst Presidents ranking table. An interesting perspective of the leaders of America via our Worst President list.

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Worst Presidents of America
The table containing the Worst Presidents list provides the names of the Worst US Presidents, the ranking position of each President, the number of their presidencies, according to our own assessment.

Worst Presidents List - Our Assessment based on Events of their Presidencies
The following Worst Presidents list is based on our observations of polls reflecting popularity of presidents and their personalities together with our ranking based on our assessment of their leadership and the events that occurred during their presidencies. Our reasons for selecting these leaders as the Worst Presidents are detailed below.

Worst Presidents List

Ranking - Names of Worst Presidents

1 - James Buchanan

2 - Andrew Johnson

3 - Franklin Pierce

4 - Richard Nixon

5 - Warren Harding

Worst Presidents - The Worst Presidents
In the above list we rank the Worst Presidents as James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, Richard Nixon and Warren Harding as the five Worst Presidents of the United States of America.

Worst Presidents - Ranking Considerations
We have based our list of the Worst Presidents of the United States of America on a number of different factors including their positions in popularity polls, the leadership skills, their integrity and honesty and the events during their presidencies.

Worst Presidents - James Buchanan, "Ten-Cent Jimmy", "The Do-Nothing President" and "Sir Veto"
Number 1 - James Buchanan (1791-1868): James Buchanan was the 15th US President who served in office 1857-1861. He was called by the nickname "Ten-Cent Jimmy" due to his campaign statement that ten cents a day was decent pay for a worker. The nickname "Sir Veto" was due to his inordinate use of his power of veto power, he vetoed 29 times of which 15 were overturned by Congress. He had a reputation as a heavy drinker and was once described as a "winking, fidgeting little busybody". James Buchanan was an ineffective president, he failed to find a compromise to keep the South from seceding and the Union broke apart.

Worst Presidents - Andrew Johnson, "The Tennessee Tailor" and "The Grim Presence"
Number 2 - Andrew Johnson (1808-1875): Andrew Johnson was the 17th US President who served in office 1865-1869). He had a cold, reserved personality and spoke bluntly to people showing little tact, he was therefore given the nickname of the "Grim Presence". Andrew Johnson was the first president to be impeached, although he was never convicted.

Worst Presidents - Franklin Pierce, "Doughface"
Number 3 - Franklin Pierce (1804-1869): Franklin Pierce was the 14th US President who served in office 1853-1857. The nickname "Doughface" was a derogatory term used to describe a Northerner who sympathized with Southern ideology. He was an alcoholic who lacked self-confidence and often combated his feeling of inadequacy by granting inappropriate favors.

Worst Presidents - Richard Nixon, "Tricky Dicky" and "Sir Richard the Chicken-Hearted"
Number 4 - Richard Nixon (1913-1994): Richard Nixon was the 37th US President who served in office 1969-1974. He had a suspicious, secretive and narcissistic personality. He was enable to relate to the public. President Richard Nixon single-handedly destroyed his presidency and his place in history with the Watergate scandal and being caught lying and deceiving the people. He resigned before impeachment proceedings were put into place.

Worst Presidents - Warren Harding, "President Hardly" and "Grub"
Number 5 - Warren Harding (1865-1923): Warren Harding was the 29th US President who served in office1921-1923. President Warren Harding destroyed his presidency with inept, corrupt appointments. He was pliable and sought to please others, he was the guy who couldn't say "No". He had a well-known taste for women, liquor, and poker. He died in office and there were even rumors that his wife, Florence Harding, had poisoned the President to save him from being engulfed in charges of corruption.

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